Doctor Richmond

As the parent of a growing teenager it is important to make sure that they get proper medical care. While most teenagers grow up to be healthy adults, it is not unheard of for serious conditions to develop during these years, and they can change the course of a child’s life if they are not managed properly. The best way to make sure that your teenager is healthy at all times and that if there are problems they are diagnosed and treated early is to make sure that they get an annual check up. You need to find a GP who is able to perform a range of tests and also provide your teenager with advice and tips on how they can continue to live a healthy life.
Unfortunately, such GP’s are not very easy to come across. While there are many doctors in Richmond not all of them are as proactive as they should be. There are many who still take the old approach to medicine – do a few tests, diagnose the obvious problems, dispense medication and send the patient home. These dated methods don’t work anymore. We are an information generation and just like with everything else we like to know what is happening with our bodies.
It is important to find a GP who your teenager feels comfortable communicating with. However healthy your child is one of the things that they will have to talk about with their doctor is sexual health – they are in the process of becoming adults. As you choose a doctor you should make sure that they are trained in sexual health and they can set your child on the right path.
One place where you can find a sexual health doctor, as well as doctors in other fields, is the Roseneath Medical Practice. They are all highly trained and experienced. You can book an appointment through their website,